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But even such blatancy and obviousness in this Time cover spread is not viewed by myth as problematic, for as Barthes notes,
Their TV romance was old school: all of the tensions and implications, none of the blatancy.
But the blatancy and bravado of their behaviour in capturing their cowardice on film proved to be their undoing as police arrested the young men following a year's surveillance.
Examples of individual paper topics include writing and power and politics in classically derived Afrikaans drama, Chief Bola Ige and the making of a classical orator in Nigeria, Plato and blatancy in E.
Although she felt this blatancy was artificial, she made the following statement: "Sometimes, I think we need to be deliberate before things are internalized.
A thorough understanding of Jerusalem--of its blatancy and nuance, meld and clash, heartbreak and hope, of its enlightened and beleaguered history--this understanding requires years, if not lifetimes.
44) Given this, the notion of peoples' law as presented here, in all its political blatancy, would appear to be a total affront to such an insistence placed upon the idea of 'Law' and thereby a wholly unacceptable despoiling of it.
With this mandate in mind, Tony Kushner has come up with a new translation of Brecht's masterpiece that positively resonates with un-Brechtian rhetorical blatancy.
Such symbolic patterns lend rhetorical form to Iris's memoir but their blatancy reminds readers of how much, as a narrator, Iris has her 'thumb in the scale'.
Following a logic of secrecy and concealment, Ingram implies that the blatancy of the borrowing cancels the debt.
For pure blatancy, Westar's pay-for-play scheme was extraordinary in the recent history of congressional influence peddling.
The third category, comprising approximately 20 percent of the shows, can be labeled moderately to strongly Hispanic, either because of the overriding theme or the blatancy of the references/remarks.