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My blatant trespassing has saved you from that, at least.
Within the limits of his short tether he had tumbled about, annihilating the flowers of existence with greater singleness of purpose than many of the blatant personages whose company he kept.
Summary: Manama rejects Tehran's blatant interference in domestic affairs
His manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, weighed in, saying that Wayne Rooney had copped a three-match suspension because a Bolton defender had conned the officials with a blatant dive.
Others are less blatant but more insidious, such as the abuse of city-issued cell phones by employees in the sanitation department that a Daily News investigation uncovered last month.
While we must rejoice in our successes, we must continue to be vigilant in fighting such blatant and offensive shows such as this.
Ex-Godolphin pacemaker Blatant is Coral's second favourite at 100-30, with State Shinto a 13-2 chance and Conflict 9-1.
Responded Silverman, "Discrimination against nonbelievers is the last civil rights struggle in which blatant discrimination is viewed as acceptable behavior.
have resisted all attempts to call to task even their own members who run for public office and then prove to be in favour of legal abortion or some other blatant contradiction to their Catholic faith.
While conflicts between church and zoners often involve the unbiased application of one zoning law to everyone, Becket Fund spokesman Pat Korten emphasizes that, since all assemblies but religious ones seem to be permitted under Grand Haven's rules, this case is one of blatant discrimination.
The bishop added: "Compared with this, Mr Hague's `feelings' are little better than blatant escapism.
The blatant discrimination in pubic-assistance programs against single adults --especially single men--is unconscionable.