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When influential people in football start blathering about 're-branding', I reach for the sick bag.
While the researchers reached the right conclusion, their recommendations to improve sex-ed left me pounding my head against the wall in blathering frustration.
As I sat in the guest chair and watched the dock tick down to the fifty-seventh minute of the hour because someone could not stop blathering on about the legitimacy of the Banana Republicans, I considered telling Miles O'Brien that I was spending an unnatural amount of time in bed with Greta Van Susteren.
recounts conversations he's had with famous writers as well as with the blathering, sex-starved Professor Eschenbaum, who shows up in person to report his peccadilloes.
But there can be no mistaking the meaning in her conclusion, which modern politicians ought to be required to memorize before they start blathering about the glories of free markets and how governments are the problem.
I'M surprised that, bearing in mind your over indulgence of Mr Martinek's pro-Brexit blathering, you had the temerity to actually print a small piece pointing out arch Brexiteer Nigel Farage's blatant hypocrisy in taking an MEP's PS73k annual pension from the EU he's supposed to despise.
THERE are few things more annoying than somebody blathering on about how good things were in the old days.
It's going to be me blathering on about what I know best, specifically the psychology of food and the nature of the leak in my head about it.
But 57 per cent of men admitted to blathering non-stop compared with just 37 per cent of women.
Time that could be spent doing and blathering about what can be done now and in the future.
He could get mushy, and a bit condescending, on the subject of the comman man; at Coney Island in the course of his Sweet Life jaunt, he relishes the wild diversity, then turns pious, blathering about "the salt of the earth, all the little people who make the world tick.
Every time the former prime minister pops up on TV I find myself telling him in words of one syllable where he can stick his interfaith dialogues, or whatever it is he's blathering about that day.