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So thank you for turning bleakness into hope; for being so big-hearted for strangers.
Therefore, even the meetings in New York between the mediator Matthew Nimetz together with the representatives of the Macedonian and Greek governments do not arouse excitement to the surge of yet bigger poverty, hopelessness, bleakness and apathy of the Macedonian citizens.
Patrick Norris is an Afghanistan veteran who has survived the horrors of war, only to return to bleakness at home.
Players must harness the power of colour to defeat the Bleakness and return Colortown to its former vibrant glory.
The sheer bleakness of Dostoyevsky's 1866 novel has been retained - you'll never see a more depressing third act - and the long silences serve to make the moments of violence all the more shocking.
Her struggles have not prevented her from dreaming of becoming an artist, and this coming-of-age documentary shows her fierce determination never to surrender to the bleakness of her surroundings.
Those stark wintry landscapes reflect the bleakness of some characters' existence, and if you're a fan of televised jumpers, this should prove unmissable - there's so many on offer, it's hard to take notice of the characters at times.
However, I became aware of a bleakness coming over me.
When asked by an interviewer whether it was right young Potter fans would be drawn to her much darker tale of rape, drugs and general bleakness, she snapped that she never represented herself as a 'teacher' or 'babysitter' and would write what she wanted to.
Inset): The slick-tongued rapper conjures up garish, nightmarish images of modern inner city living that's got menace, social commentar y and an unashamed sense of bleakness riddled through it.
Lissa Price has caught the bleakness of existence for disenfranchised, powerless characters like Callie and her brother.
Becks ranger Barry Jobson, pictured, said: "After the bleakness of winter, spring is the ideal time to come outside and see nature wake back up.