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Blending, mixing and materials-handling equipment for extruders, blow molders, and injection molders can handle powders, flakes, regrinds, and pellets.
Supplies liquid metering pumps and multi-stream liquid blending systems.
With aspenONE Planning, Scheduling and Blending for Petroleum, AspenTech is addressing this need by delivering an integrated enterprise application that supports these activities.
Matcon tumble blender gives gentle, homogeneous blending of materials with no degradation of product Blender accommodates Matcon Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), in which product can be transported, blended, stored, and directly discharged to process.
PLC controls include a full-message display for easy operator interface and viewing of blending parameters.
We then undertook an R&D program to design a gravimetric batch blender with improved blending Capabilities.
Vertical spiral mixers in 10- to 1500cu-ft sizes for blending free-flowing granular or fine materials.
English Breakfast tea blends chiefly use a large China Keemun leaf for the main blending component.
Nonintensive ribbon blenders for dry and dry/liquid blending have capacities of 2 to 680 cu ft and are used for mixing additives and pigments into powders and pellets.
After blending, the effluent is usually disinfected and discharged into water bodies.
The products available for blending were an oversize RAP, an oversize shingle and fine RAP.
In a blender, combine all ingredients, blending until smooth.