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Gently she answered, telling them her errand, beseeching them to let her pass ere the cold wind blighted her frail blossoms.
You were born to be what you are, anywhere, anyway: you've the perfection nothing else could have blighted.
Tis because we be on a blighted star, and not a sound one, isn't it, Tess?
A blighted leper--was Daughtry's thought as his quick eyes leapt from hands to feet in quest of missing toe- and finger-joints.
Remember that she presented herself at his residence in London without a word of warning; that he did his best to save her reputation; that he failed, through no fault of his own; and that he ended, rashly ended in a moment of despair, by marrying her, to silence the scandal that must otherwise have blighted her life as a woman for the rest of her days.
Perkins had blighted love's young dream for Cyrus with a killing frost.
Near the top of this hill, about two miles from Linden-Car, stood Wildfell Hall, a superannuated mansion of the Elizabethan era, built of dark grey stone, venerable and picturesque to look at, but doubtless, cold and gloomy enough to inhabit, with its thick stone mullions and little latticed panes, its time-eaten air-holes, and its too lonely, too unsheltered situation, - only shielded from the war of wind and weather by a group of Scotch firs, themselves half blighted with storms, and looking as stern and gloomy as the Hall itself.
There was the same thick air, difficult to breathe; the same blighted ground, the same hopeless prospect, the same misery and distress.
Louis Post-Dispatch concludes, "Twenty years ago, the Missouri Legislature passed the TIF law to give blighted, older communities a chance to compete for development with more affluent suburban areas like .
The fund will make loans to the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority (NORA) to acquire blighted properties and to not-for-profit developers to redevelop them.
Detroit 2020 is putting the spotlight on blight, and showing how removing even one blighted home can make a big difference on a block," said Ed Fernandez, WXYZ-TV Vice President and General Manager.
The authority will simply give the redevelopment agency the tools to continue revitalizing the blighted area, city staff said.