blind faith

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blind faith, it is inaccessible to the light of disproof -- an
Now I never gave my coming interview with the Major a thought; I felt an unreasoning confidence in myself, and a blind faith in
The wave of rebellion swept over me in an instant, beginning with an heretical doubt as to the sanctity of the established order of things--that fetish which has ruled Pan-Americans for two centuries, and which is based upon a blind faith in the infallibility of the prescience of the long-dead framers of the articles of Pan-American federation--and ending in an adamantine determination to defend my honor and my life to the last ditch against the blind and senseless regulation which assumed the synonymity of misfortune and treason.
At best it was but a slender cord that held us from destruction, and I think that I steered that night more by intuition and blind faith than by skill or reason.
It was like a blind vote then - blind faith in the EU as opposed to blind faith in the UK's ability to go it alone.
It comes 48 years after he performed to 120,000 fans at Hyde Park as part of supergroup Blind Faith.
First Mobos 2016 booking Chase & Status, known for their track Blind Faith, said: "The Mobos are a real institution and we're looking forward to bringing our live show and some very special guests to the stage.
Charlie Miller reckons Ronny Deila's blind faith in Stefan Johansen has held back the careers of Scottish talents Scott Allan and Ryan Christie.
The subsea tieback work to the Blind Faith FPS will be managed as a co-development with South Santa Cruz to minimize both the time from discovery to start-up and the incremental cost.
A bit of blind faith and belief that we will eventually get it right, turn it around, and win some games.
Mr Dabholkar was instrumental in getting the law against black magic and practices related to blind faith passed in Maharashtra.