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HE'S known as The Stuntrunner - an international athlete who blindfolds himself, then runs through blade and fireball hoops.
Blindfolds and aprons were distributed to all guests, after which ushers and volunteers guided them to their seats where dinner was served in the dark.
Bowering says: "Jones did a tremendous job considering she was being instructed on visual editing from a man in a blindfold.
Surely a rule should be introduced whereby the starter doesn't let them go until at least five seconds after all blindfolds have been dispensed with.
Tristen Wealth in his book The Blindfold Artist has told readers where to look.
Brief use of a trick, see-through blindfold led 18-month-olds to assume that a blindfolded adult could see objects in plain view, even though 18-month-old children rarely make such a mistake.
While a blindfold isn't exactly the same, I found that the particular track, Blindfold, gave my visions a whole new and much more exciting spin.
The boy, who said his blindfold was removed after his arrival, recognized and identified the police station.
According to the press release, "Jim Passe, a world-renowned stage magician, will tape his eyes shut, put on a blindfold, and place a hood over his head before he gets behind the wheel of a car and begins the cross-country drive.
Have her wrangle it so the guy you like ends up kissing you with a blindfold on.
heavy blindfold, such as a dark polar-fleece scarf and hat
A clothespin A blindfold A partner Several small pieces of peeled potato, apple, and onion