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She explained that "there is a rejection and anger in Diyala province to the statements of / Salim al-Jobouri / and I doubt that Diyala our identity joins and accept the government of the political majority , because we committed God and the Constitution to limit presidencies in two terms only, and we are with the blocs in favor of non-renewal of the third term .
Touching on the many stages that have been witnessed en route to a new cabinet, the bloc said that the Lebanese were in a dire need of a new cabinet that fittingly handles their daily living requirements, at the economic and security levels.
And all blocs will submit their appeals, pointing out that those appeals may change a lot of the winning blocs announced by the Commission yesterday .
The Bloc called on the concerned judicial authorities to intensify their investigations into the Sidon incident, in a bid to uncover the circumstances and the reality of what has happened in a transparent and just manner.
The media manager of the council, Mohamed al-Khuz'ai told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: "The Ahrar and citizen blocs have announced the formation of a new alliance within the Council and will be announced officially in a press conference.
The Globe A Kurdish member of the Kurdistan Alliance Bloc in the Iraqi Council of Representatives says National Alliance Bloc MPs opposed the idea of recognizing Kurdish as an official language in Iraq during the parliament debate on the official languages draft law on 22 October, 2013.
The number of NCA members in the Ennahdha bloc is now 90.
Arab and Western countries have monitored the talks and urged the coalition members to include new members to the bloc by sorting out their divisions.
The 'National Revolutionary Movements' bloc was launched in a press conference held at the headquarters of the 6 April Democratic Front's Party on Monday.
The Bahrain Bloc will be made up of MPs from both Shiite and Sunni sects, unlike previous formations, in a move that aims to help boost unity in the country following weeks of deep sectarian divisions caused by widely divergent views on what has happened in Bahrain since February when demonstrations were launched.
ISLAMABAD, March 20, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Chief Election Commissioner Justice Hamid Ali Mirza has postponed the hearing for the disqualification of the members of Unification Bloc in Punjab assembly till 2nd April.
stated Allawi, adding that the Iraqia bloc was willing to cooperation with all