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In this technique, surgeons thread a catheter tipped with a tiny inflatable balloon through an artery until it reaches a blockage.
Our Resolution System, already approved to treat patients in Europe and Australia for other indications, has been designed to address blockages that occur as a result of coronary artery disease," said Robert Rabiner, CEO and President of OmniSonics Medical Technologies.
The Rubicon Filter is designed for use in medical procedures downstream from a blockage in a bloodstream to allow the capture and removal of dislodged embolic material.
Stents treat only the small section of the artery that has a blockage, while bypass surgery replaces a more extensive length of artery and therefore better protects against disease progression.
Sung Choi, of Tufts-New England Medical Center, tested the feasibility and safety of OmniSonics' ultrasonic technology to resolve blockages in the coronary arteries of swine.
Without a guide wire placed across the blockage, less-invasive coronary procedures are not possible.
These blockages can take many forms including blood clots, plaque or calcific materials.
The number of bypasses needed depends on how many blockages a patient has.
Nearly a third of the massive amount of sewer blockages were caused by wet wipes being flushed down the toilet.
Scientists found that cellular blockages, the molecular equivalent to traffic jams, in nerve cells of the insect's brain can form and dissolve in 30 seconds or less.
Bagis wrote in an editorial for the Hurriyet Daily News that while he welcomed the fresh talks, he "cannot understand the blockages Turkey suffers in the negotiation process.
A spokeswoman said: "We do sympathise with the people living in the surrounding area as we are aware that there have previously been issues on this length of sewer caused by blockages, but we can confirm that this incident is not related to a blockage.