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The ThromboProfile is a powerful predictor of thrombotic events because it measures platelet reactivity and the tendency for blood clotting in addition to assessing traditional factors such as cholesterol, inflammation markers and LDL particle size," continued Yang.
Gold of the Massachusetts General Hospital and his associates demonstrated that TP-9201 was an effective inhibitor of platelet aggregation, an important component of the blood clotting process, in their animal model of heart attack treated with thrombolytic therapy.
bioMerieux has signed a licensing agreement with Gen-Probe that gives Gen-Probe access to bioMerieux's intellectual property for detecting genetic mutations that predispose people to blood clotting disorders.
Traditional thinking holds that the endothelial lining helps prevent blood clotting by acting as a nonstick surface.
He notes that many of these have antioxidant as well as anti-thrombotic properties, which help prevent blood clotting.
Aspirin helps prevent blood clotting by binding to a specific receptor on the platelet surface.
VWF normally travels in the blood stream with no effect on blood clotting.
He says some of the surface techniques he is now using to combat infection were originally developed by him to prevent blood clotting.