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Simpson's refrain during his second day of testimony in the wrongful death trial was a series of ``don't knows'' when questioned how blood matching his and that of the victims got in the Bronco, how he suffered cuts to his hand, and how his ex-wife's blood ended up on socks found in his bedroom.
Our relationship with Progenika enables ARUP to offer this innovative and highly complex testing to our clients to ease blood matching for patients requiring frequent transfusions," said Noriko Kusukawa, Ph.
Blood matching the alleged victim's DNA was found on his boots.
Previously, the court heard that Whant owned a silver X-registration Ford Focus and that blood matching Miss Grender's DNA had been found inside.
He also questioned him about blood matching Mr Monteith's which was later found on Keogh's watch.
Shirley owned a pair of shoes which matched an imprint on the victim's body, blood matching his group was found at the scene, his body was covered with scratches and he was in the area at the time of the crime.
Blood matching her type was smeared on the ground near her Chevrolet Nova, parked outside the laundry.
Precision Dynamics Corporation (PDC), a leader and innovator of automated wristband identification, announces the release of Securline([R])Blood Band Plus Wristbands for patient identification and blood matching.
BLOOD matching that of teenager Aamir Siddiqi was found inside the footwell of a car alleged to have been used in the crime, jurors in a murder trial have heard.
When the police reached the vehicle, it was charred and empty, apart from a rug stained with blood matching Renee's blood type.