blood money

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Failing to pay off the blood money after the insurance company refused to help, the Pakistani driver remained in RAK prison for seven months until four philanthropists intervened and aided his release.
Athimuthu's wife Marathi travelled to Malappuram several times to seek forgiveness from Abdul Wajid's family and when latter's wife and two children finally agreed to forgive, the blood money demand of Rs2.
Oberoi, who has paid blood money and helped 88 others in similar situations, said, "The five boys' families contacted me and appealed for help to pay blood money to the victim's family.
But he was silent about the victims of the crush, for which Iran wanted the Saudi government to pay blood money in admission that it was responsible for the deaths.
All parties were present at the settlement, and the local government paid for the blood money.
The family said in their letter that they have waived their rights to avenge and decided to take Dhs100,000 in blood money from the killer instead of Dhs200,000.
He said that he had since read about the Zulu tribal initiation ceremony and it is meant to make men out of boys, and condemned Mngeni saying that he had shot a defenceless young woman on her honeymoon and planned to use his blood money to make himself appear as a man.
However, the victim's family has the right to spare a convict from the hangman's noose in return for blood money.
Zapanta, who is in death row in Saudi Arabia for killing and robbing a Sudanese national in 2009, recently expressed disappointment over alleged erroneous reports that an emir would help him raise his blood money.
We refused the blood money provided by the government because we don't accept money in compensation for killing.
Faye Lindsay as Liz, Lee Bunting as Mike, Jessica Newborough as Dr Julie Campbell and Ruth Long as Sue in Blood Money at Rugby Theatre
Out now PIGGYBACKING on to the success of 2012's Hitman Absolution, this set comprises spruced up versions of Agent 47's last three outings: Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Hitman: Contracts and Hitman: Blood Money.