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Could the epidural blood patch have contributed to cerebral ischaemia?
Klepstad P: Relief of postural postdural puncture headache by an epidural blood patch 12 months after dural puncture.
Requirement for and success of epidural blood patch after intrathecal catheter placement for unintentional dural puncture.
The duration and severity of symptoms, however, were significantly reduced in the prophylactic blood patch group, Dr.
Spielman and his colleagues compared the body mass indexes (BMIs) of 98 patients who complained of headaches that lasted more than 1 day and required some combination of narcotics, bed rest, and epidural blood patch with those of 93 patients who either had no headaches or whose headaches lasted no more than 1 day and required no special treatment.
Immediately prior to the epidural blood patch placement, the patient's blood pressure was 154/90 mm Hg and her heart rate was 59 beats per minute.
An epidural blood patch was administered using 20 cc of blood obtained from the patient's arm as described above resulting in immediate relief of symptoms.
Seven patients with spontaneous intracranial hypotension were treated conservatively: of these, four responded to drug treatment and three underwent a lumbar autologous epidural blood patch (EBP).
Autologous blood injection to the spinal epidural cavity [epidural blood patch (EBP)] is one of the most effective therapy methods in cases that conservative approaches are unsuccessful (2).
Witnesses say there was a blood patch on the floor in the Events Arena where the dog landed, but the man picked it up and walked off sometime between 3pm and 3.
I had a spinal headache after having a spinal anaesthetic and had to go back for a blood patch.
SAN ANTONIO -- A 20-mL or 30-mL volume of autologous blood was superior to 15 mL in a randomized controlled trial of 121 obstetric patients who requested a therapeutic epidural blood patch for headache after inadvertent dural puncture during epidural insertion.