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In a special message on the World Thalassaemia Day, the Chief Minister said that keeping in view the ground realities about the disease, the KP government is taking practical steps for getting rid of thalassaemia and other blood related diseases.
It is also pertinent, he added, that equipment at dentists, barber shops, etc must be sterilised whereas blood and blood related products must be screened well.
Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has unveiled a new high-tech haematology unit in Dubai Hospital, to treat patients with blood related disorders.
Mutations in these kinases have been shown to be directly related to the development of a variety of blood related cancers including MPD, leukemia and lymphoma.
Golden Meditech is the first and the largest core blood related medical device manufacturer in China with the Autologous Blood Recovery System (ABRS), one of the company's core products, accounting for 80% of the China market.
London, March 30 (ANI): Pop diva Madonna is all set to fly to Malawi to reunite her adopted daughter Mercy with her blood related family.
The relations we have in this world are blood related, but the only relationships which aren't related to blood are friendships.
When it comes to step-children, no matter their age, if their parent dies first, leaving the step-parent, the step-children are entitled to nothing as they are not blood related to the step-parent.
The staff, based mainly at the English Heritage regional headquarters in Bessie Surtees House at Sandhill in Newcastle, are hoping to raise around pounds 3,000 for Marrow 2000 at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in the city, which collects funds for research into blood related cancers.
English Heritage staff hope to raise around pounds 3,000 for Marrow 2000, which funds research into blood related cancers.
Founded in 1949, has raised more than $200 million for research on blood related diseases.
It is to mention here that the rotary club has set a target to collect 5,000 blood donations with the collaboration of Fatimid Foundation to help poor patients having blood related complications.