blood relation

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Among Latinos, kinship goes beyond blood relations, marriage, or adoption to include padrinos, extended family, or community members.
Janie only met Jimi once when she was nine years old and she has no blood relation to Jimi or me.
If anyone else in the family, who is a blood relation, has similar difficulties.
You do not have to be a blood relation to donate a kidney to someone - everyone is a potential donor.
She already knew her mum had married a man called John Lydon and wondered if the rocker was somehow a blood relation.
I loved him dearly (still do) and, when he died, I felt as though I'd lost a blood relation.
But you don't have to be a blood relation for the bonds to be strong.
While many have been quick to link Marilyn Minter's work with that of Diane Arbus (who was not her teacher), Larry Clark, and Garry Winogrand, which obscures the fact that Minter found alienation as a blood relation, they have not seen the luxe if slightly sour air of Ingres' odalisques; the perverse family album of the later years of Manet's Olympia; the oneiric decline of Emma Bovary, who, as Avital Ronell has shown, was, like Mrs.
Those smiling, chubby babies of the Michelin TV ads capture the attention and tire-buying dollars of consumers to whom they stand in no blood relation.
Cousins" may be closer to the truth, but the point is inescapable: a blood relation ties the native peoples of the Hemisphere into one vast, farflung family.
I have just discovered that a blood relation has died without leaving a will.
In the case of Tharoor, it was no blood relation that benefitted from his alleged lobbying with the IPL, but a close associate of his, Sunanda Pushkar.