blood relationship

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Table-1 shows the unweighted frequencies, weighted prevalence and their 95% confidence intervals of blood relationship status with husband as well as whether women had a say in choosing their husband.
Congress intended to require a blood relationship for children born in
The blood relationship among these three characters symbolizes the essential unity of the three religions.
Step relatives, such as step parents and step brothers and sisters, step siblings and stepchildren are also prohibited, as they are considered the same as blood relationship.
Finally, the group urged Ma to take concrete actions to burnish his legacy by teaming up with China to jointly "recover" the Tiaoyutais, emphasizing the blood relationship between Taiwan and China in history books, reinstituting the Guidelines for National Unification mothballed by former President Chen Shui-bian in 2006, and signing a peace treaty with the mainland.
Aaid is a male goat with a blood relationship to Al-Wardi, a prized male Damascene goat, a particular breed with a distinctive face.
He has no blood relationship to Mahatma Gandhi (Page 21, March 18).
If there is no blood relationship and they don't have a parent in common, there wasn't anything wrong in them having a relationship - if there was any relationship.
DNA analyses conducted on relatives of Kim Young Nam, who was a 16-year-old high school student when he disappeared in 1978, show there is a high possibility that a blood relationship exists between him and Megumi's 18-year-old daughter, Kim Hye Gyong, who is believed to remain in North Korea, the Japanese government said last month.
At first making us recognize the folk traditions which hold that the seventh son of a seventh son has special power (I believe Malcolm X was a seventh son of a seventh son) and that a single surviving twin carries a special gift, Aubert spins out for us a fascinating genealogy which ends with his blood relationship to "Fats" Domino as well as the origin of Domino's name:
Sereno said only eight of 189 countries use blood relationship or jus sanguinis as the sole basis for determining citizenship.
He believes that individuals should be recognized for their performance and own merits instead of their blood relationship.