blood relationship

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The DNA analyses, which Tokyo had asked two universities in Japan to conduct, have found that the chances a blood relationship exists between the relatives of the South Korean man and Yokota's daughter are 99.
Together, the couple, who never married legally, told Radio Globo that they will continue living as husband and wife despite knowing their real blood relationship.
The blood relationship that our New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) researchers discovered between Elisha Otis and Willis Carrier demonstrates the impact that genealogical study has upon history, said D.
Whereas nasab in the Islamic Family Law (Federal Territories) 1984 (Act 303) is defined as descent based on lawful blood relationship.
By visiting the two most important countries for the nation, Park reaffirmed Seoul's long blood relationship with Washington, while restoring its lost diplomatic balance between the G2 in Beijing.
What was the blood relationship between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert?
Cotton, once described as a 'magazine of history', was acquainted with Rubens and claimed a blood relationship with James I, for whom he had contrived monuments to the Scottish royal house.
People who try to claim are required to provide evidence of their blood relationship in the form of birth, marriage and death certificates, along with evidence of their identity.
11 denied his client's association with Al-Qaeda, adding that his link with one of the terrorists was simply blood relationship.
James Paice wrote to social services, saying: "I cannot understand how somebody of no blood relationship can be considered for custody over a blood relative.
Father Nigel (that's a blood relationship rather than news that the trainer has been ordained) was mindful that Little Josh was an indifferent jumper last season and gave Sam the order, "keep asking him and asking him at the fences".