blood ties

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No, you are right," he said, "it is not as though there was a blood tie.
The Blood Ties hidden object game was successful in leveraging the television series into a game that was enjoyed not only by fans of the show, but also the broader casual games market.
The actress, who has a sister Jordan, 25, and two younger brothers Elijah, 14 and 13-year-old John Abraham, shot the recently released Blood Ties in New York last year.
BY ELEANOR LE COMBER, AGE 13 Blood Ties by Sophie McKenzie In this fast-paced thriller, Rachel and Theo are on the run from an extremist group while trying to find out about their pasts.
When does the mixture of compassion, empathy, blood ties and ridiculousness separate?
And I am told that the area is afflicted by a higher than average level of genetic disorders because of marriages between those who already have close blood ties.
Will the search for a suitable donor uncover Tariq's blood ties to the Ferreiras?
There are blood ties and emotional ties to contend with, too, but, with love and understanding between you, your child, your stepchildren and a stepgrandchild, a happy balance should be found that you could all enjoy.
But blood ties seemed to matter little once the music started, making clear that Monday night's show was really about the brotherhood of good old-fashioned rock 'n' roll.
America's outgoing First Lady is already said to have agreed to march at the head of next year's St Patrick's Day parade through New York, despite having NO Irish blood ties.
The testing was decided upon after the three failed to find decisive evidence of their blood ties with people whom the Japanese government had arranged meetings with at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center in Tokyo, Health and Welfare Ministry officials said.
The grandparent has been marginalised when blood ties should be very strong.