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Al-Qaeda-inspired insurgents in Yemen and Somalia have threatened to avenge the killing and are chillingly warning the West of a bloodier fight to come.
Russanov forecast that Libya's pro-government forces are bracing for an even bloodier revenge, which will bring about a bloodbath across the whole country.
HBO's Southern paranormal hit is back for a third season sexier and bloodier than ever and with one major addition: werewolves
The gore trip is bloodier, the nudity is more frequent ( a whole lot of what goes on involves strippers and strip clubs), and the lingo is more crude.
He said while Lebanon feared the international community would stop protecting southern Lebanon, the international community feared that the clashes could be a prologue to much bloodier and more violent attacks against UNIFIL.
If these claims are to be believed, terrorism is beginning to take on an even bloodier hue.
There were no shortage of bloody battles in the Civil War, but some were bloodier than others.
The more we pledge freedoms, development and growth, the bloodier the terrorist organization gets," Erdogan said.
Thus begins a week of bloody bombings and bloodier reprisals, at the end of which Croc is transformed into an inadvertent national celebrity: "Croc Attack--the man the terrorists couldn't kill
This nation fought its first battle of the Civil War here in 1861, and the County remained on the front line of the war with the second, and bloodier, battle of Manassas.
North and South Korean navies fought a skirmish in November that left one North Korean sailor dead and three others wounded, and engaged in bloodier battles in the