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BEIRUT: As the Syrian war grinds bloodily along in its fourth year the armed opposition has been coming under fire -- verbally -- over its military tactics, as it struggles to find ways to confront regime forces without generating negative political repercussions.
The soothsayers are now all straining at the omens to predict whether or not they will pay their sovereign debt on or about March 20 or bloodily default with a mess as bad as Caesar's toga.
The story leads from a New York family falling apart to Paris and a time-link between a modern mixed-up and guilt ridden girl, Andi, and a maid to royalty at the time of the bloodily merciless uprising.
Huge crowds that gathered in Tahrir Square last week and clashed bloodily with police and troops largely disappeared when the polls opened.
Propeller's Richard III follows the gripping journey of a man who bloodily murders his way to the throne.
A group of stooped and crooning old ladies were revealed to have axes in their handbags and a taste for human flesh, another saw a fight become, thanks to magical sound effects and excellent mime, bloodily gruesome.
General Petraeus - who knows better than anybody what Muslims can become bloodily capable of when provoked - said that the book burning would "endanger" American troops," it said, adding that following international protests, the pastor had to call off the burning act, and this was "a message to Muslims that the world is on their side.
On these islands hundreds of pilot whales are being cruelly and bloodily slaughtered by the people and their fishermen every year.
You watch behind your fingers, you jump out of your seat and you laugh nervously as another Crazy is bloodily despatched by our heroes.
Coinciding with Quintana's visit, Amnesty International released a report on Tuesday detailing the repression of activists, including Rakhine monks, who the group said led a 2008 uprising that was bloodily suppressed with the loss of at least 31 lives.
In 1979 detectives, convinced they were on the right trail, decamped their investigation from Leeds to Sunderland, while Sutcliffe went on to bloodily murder three more women.
It is way too bloodily aggressive in destroying lives.