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This being the height of fall's bloodiness, much of the media hailed young Sierra's talent for killing.
Michelangelo's drawings for Vittoria Colonna display a similar strategy of deliberate paradox, as highly colored black-and-white drawings of a tearless tearfulness and bloodless bloodiness.
2), takes up his red pencil and, with a brilliant artistic touch, sketches in the lines of fire from the artillery shooting out from the battlements across the moat, perfectly conjuring through colour both the trajectory of shot from firearms and the bloodiness of battle.
This feature accentuates the extreme, and often excessive, goriness and bloodiness of this volume.
Winner of the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2006 Academy Awards, this movie will leave audiences spellbound by the beauty of the village of Dongmakgol and then choking back tears at the horror and bloodiness of war.
We had a civil war of our own, one unrivaled in the nation's history in its bloodiness.
Far from being repulsed, they saw in the bloodiness of The Passion echoes of their own piety.
general, these games reflected the bloodiness and hedonism of the era.
Wrath's weapon is a "bloody club," with which he smashes the world of the living at sundown, its bloodiness probably referring to the red of the sunset, while Sraosa's is a "daring club," with which he in turn deals Wrath a "bloody wound," allowing the sun to rise.
group whose covenants forbade spite, bloodiness, and cruelty" (39),
clearly refers to the 1981 Springbok tour protest ('all those jog trotter policemen and you jammed / up crowded there and the bloodiness and shame SHAME
Eating of a human heart," Envy rides on a rhinoceros, "attired in red silk, suitable to the bloodiness of her manners; her left pap bare, where a snake fastens" (251-52).