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Bloodless Spine Surgery: Pictures and Explanations ISBN: 978-0-9745374-0-5
8220;On behalf of Children's Hospital and all the young patients who come through our doors every day for treatment, we would like to thank the California Portuguese Bloodless Bullfight Organization and the Carlos Vieira Foundation for their combined generous gift to the Children's Hospital Central California Oncology Fund.
In our experience, the use of the S-MART exsanguination tourniquet is an effective and safe way to provide a bloodless field in hand and wrist surgery" (Templeton-Ward et al, 2014).
They want to keep working in the region but that all-important funding is vital, and they hope that finished feature Bloodless - a psychological horror at the other end of the spectrum from their attention-grabbing comedy - will raise their profile once it gets its date for a summer screening at Tyneside Cinema.
The July Stakes at Newmarket is on the agenda for Northern Empire following a bloodless triumph in the 5f maiden.
The problem is that while creative destruction can appear bloodless and rational from an academic distance, looking at the process through the filter of your last pay stub--something guys like Schumpeter are never forced to do themselves--the phenomenon is a lot more gory and unpleasant.
The body count is high, if bloodless, and there is reference to unsavory sexuality (necrophilia).
Otherwise, an analysis or critique of this relationship would be rather a bloodless proposition.
Language, within neo-humanist stands [sic] of contemporary criticism," he writes, is "an affectively charged experience, and at several removes from the bloodless register of the more technocratic and scientific wings of modern literary theory" (2 18).
Yet it is not pedantic; rather Jackson's work is clearly a labor of love--a product of the scholar's determination to understand the past through difficult sources and a concomitant refusal to produce a bloodless and pared-down monograph.
After the 1925 Paris Exposition the Architectural Review promoted the concept of 'Swedish Grace' to typify a mode best exemplified in the detailing of Stockholm Town Hall: after World War II it promoted the concept of 'The New Empiricism' which embodied a bloodless but pretty pragmatism that was one of the main provocations of 'The New Brutalism' -- a half-truth that in the absence of any exchange in debate slumbered there.
2] laser to make a 2-mm bloodless opening over the round window niche or a myringotomy knife to make a 4-mm incision parallel to the posterior canal wall at the level of the umbo.