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During this hour or hour and a half he used to take his fling, going round to the studies of all his acquaintance, sparring or gossiping in the hall, now jumping the old iron-bound tables, or carving a bit of his name on them, then joining in some chorus of merry voices--in fact, blowing off his steam, as we should now call it.
Presently, after many hasty snatches into the fire, and still hastier withdrawals of his fingers (whereby he seemed to be scorching them badly), he at last succeeded in drawing out the biscuit; then blowing off the heat and ashes a little, he made a polite offer of it to the little negro.
Are you prepared to say that all our resources are equal to blowing off the muzzle of a hundred-ton gun or spiking a ten-thousand-ton ship on a plain rock in clear daylight?
They were out on the waterfront, and from the east a freezing gale was blowing off the ice-bound lake.
One of those bombs bounced off something and fell at his feet, blowing off his legs.
One is used for simultaneous blowing off and drying with an additional air heater placed between the blower and the nozzle.
A SECURITY guard collapses in agony as a firework explodes in his hand, blowing off three of his fingers.