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Wide prairies Vegetable productions Tabular hills Slabs of sandstone Nebraska or Platte River Scanty fare Buffalo skulls Wagons turned into boats Herds of buffalo Cliffs resembling castles The chimney Scott's Bluffs Story connected with them The bighorn or ahsahta Its nature and habits Difference between that and the "woolly sheep," or goat of the mountains
They have received the name of Scott's Bluffs, from a melancholy circumstance.
The wild and picturesque bluffs in the neighborhood of his lonely grave have ever since borne his name.
Then Tom tumbled his ham over the bluff and let himself down after it, tearing both skin and clothes to some extent in the effort.
all but one, a little baby, that had been dropped in the excitement close to the base of the bluff.
High up the bluff we climbed, higher than all the other caves, to a tiny crevice that could not be seen from the ground.
By taking advan-tage of the bluff itself, I could approach within a few feet of the aperture without being visible from any other cave.
The rude shock of awakening to what doubtless might prove some new form of danger was still upon me when I heard a rattling of loose stones from the direction of the bluff, and turning my eyes in that direction I beheld the author of the disturbance, a great copper-colored man, running rapidly toward me.
Hurricane Matthew flooded the heart of Fair Bluff and left homes and businesses in ruins, but step by step the town is moving toward recovery, said Gov.
New Position: Ryan Watley has been named chief executive officer-elect of Go Forward Pine Bluff.
The length of the bluff against which the Savannah River impinges is an average of 150 feet (45.
Churchill Downs Incorporated (NASDAQ: CHDN), a US-based company that owns and operates four Thoroughbred racing facilities, has announced the acquisition of the assets of Bluff Media, a US-based multimedia poker content, brand and publishing company.