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However, some of his embarrassing opportunistic interventions, such as linking the Labor Party to the spread of AIDS, suggest a blunderer rather than a statesman.
For that, it's hard to regard him as anything less than a blunderer - one with a mighty grasp of economics and, I think, a pronounced sense of fairness and decency, but a blunderer none the less.
Cashman discovered that the genre Aghyaran narrators favored was the local character anecdote which involved local types like the rough bachelor hill farmer, the coarse talker or the uneducated blunderer.
In the first guise, our hero is a nursery-rhyme blunderer after the mould (all puns intended) of Solomon Grundy; in the second, he is the biblical Moses, who, in his wisdom, leads the children of Israel out of Egypt, wanders with them through the wilderness for forty years, prescribes to them a volume's worth of laws, and leaves them on the threshold of the promised land.
well, since Edward Heath proved that being both a blunderer and a barefaced liar is no bar to the premiership.
She also helped pioneer the psychological thriller, cultivating devotees in mystery circles with novels including STRANGERS ON A TRAIN (1950), which was filmed by Alfred Hitchcock, THE BLUNDERER (1954), THE TALENTED MR.
Most notable blunderer was Bewley's Berry, although Star de Mohaison's stablemate Napolitain ran him close.
But he is not a cartoon character, not a stereotype of a blunderer gone berserk.
In the beginning Mao admired Khrushchev for his boldness but soon came to see the Soviet leader as a "disaster-prone blunderer.
TWO mistakes from beanpole blunderer Derek Townsley gifted Thistle a point after top of the table Gretna looked to be cruising to victory.
There you will find Teddy Roosevelt, president, police commissioner, muscular Christian, reformer, trust-buster, Nobel Prize winner, political blunderer, big game hunter, conservationist, founder of the Progressive Party, foolhardy adventurer, a man who never really grew up.