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All that is clear to me is that you are exaggerating your own blunder into something serious.
In return it was argued by the prosecution that the weakness of the bomb was a blunder on the part of the socialists, just as its premature explosion, caused by Ernest's losing his nerve and dropping it, was a blunder.
The adventure was like a blunder that one had committed at a party so horrible that one felt nothing could be done to excuse it: the only remedy was to forget.
Communications Secretary Martin Andanar on Tuesday lamented the blunders committed by the Philippine News Agency (PNA) and vowed to instill reforms to ensure that the state news wire agency delivers timely and accurate information to the public.
Errors, Blunders, and Lies: How to Tell the Difference
Abdulla Ibrahim conducted the lecture, stressing the importance for hospitals and health facilities to enforce premium standards so as to avert medical blunders.
3M IN ENERGY BILL BLUNDERS More than three million energy customers have been overcharged by their supplier in the past year because of billing blunders.
5 years ago a sustained rash of medical blunders prompted the authorities to send special teams into the hospitals to monitor compliance with patient-safety guidelines, so as to ensure that treatment does no harm.
Aspecial indictment of business has become an annual ritual: Just before or just after the first day of a new year, an annual list of major business blunders appears.
THE NHS paid out more than pounds 420million in compensation for maternity blunders in the last 12 months.
Not long before his assassination, Gandhi wrote what he called the "seven blunders of humanity" on a paper and gave it to his grandson Arun.
Reijo Karhinen, head of Finland-based bancassurance firm, OP-Pohjola (HEL:POH1S), has said that politicians were responsible for the blunders that aggravated the European crisis.