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The acrimony and disappointment, kept politically in check behind the scenes, has intensified and a stark bluntness of honesty has now replaced the cover-up attitude that preceded the inescapable divorce between McLaren and engine suppliers Honda.
The paper followed several previous submissions by the IIF on the BCBS's Consultative Documents this year, including a response to Basel Committee Proposal on Internal Modeling for Credit Risk, which also highlighted concerns about the bluntness of the Committee's proposals over internal models and offered constructive alternate solutions to the approach.
Answer me with your usual bluntness, do you want to proceed with the trial?
COUNTRYSIDE: Please forgive my bluntness in advance.
They are rock-solid at the back, but it's that bluntness in attack which leaves the Argentine side at a disadvantage, especially away from home where they are set up not to lose rather than to go for the win.
But his bluntness and unvarnished honesty turns a police press conference from a success story into a PR disaster and he's booted to the Missing Persons Unit as a punishment.
I think our success came from Eileen's energy and her bluntness and, to some extent, her comfort with confrontation,'' Jerry Ford told USA Today in 1997.
While hilarious in his barrowboy bluntness, Sugar just has to be the world's worst boss.
In his bluntness, Ahmadinejad cuts through the false dichotomy of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism when he uses the term 'Zionist' to describe alleged Jewish control of the world for 400 years," said ADL director Abraham Foxman.
A bastion of good old-fashioned Barnsley bluntness in a world of bland banality.
However, Levine maintained his point and defended his bluntness with another tweet.
THERE really is no mystery to staying slim, points out actress-turned-author Jane Kennedy with typical Aussie bluntness.