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Although laws passed in the 1970s technically guaranteed workers the right to refuse unsafe work, the line between safety and danger was often a blurry one, made blurrier still by confusion over the dangers posed (or not posed) by particular substances.
Thus, even though the existence of probable cause may trigger a formal rule of reasonableness (and a corresponding safe harbor for the exercise of arrest discretion), the determination about whether probable cause exists in the first instance is blurrier and may admit qualitative balancing.
along the peacetime-wartime continuum) have become blurrier and
The line separating children and adults is never blurrier than on national signing day, when middle-aged men feverishly refresh their computer screens while teenagers pick hats off of tables.
Not intervening in Syria -- letting Bashar Assad cross Obama's red line of using chemical weapons on civilians -- makes any red lines regarding Iran's nuclear progress blurrier.
52) The narrative suggests that the line between "insider" and "outsider" is blurrier than insiders care to recognize.
Thus, using the same words/phrases to refer to different distinctions makes the line between "public" and "private" entities even blurrier.
This is unconventional--one expects hadith alongside Qur'an in the first chapter--but effective, especially for the formative period, where the line between hadith and fiqh is much blurrier than it is later.
The goal of "integration," like "freedom" for the anti-colonialists, stands like a great shining blur down at the far end of the struggle road, drawing and inspiring all who fight for it, but becoming not clearer but blurrier the closer one gets to it.
When we perceive visual cues, we have a very small area (fovea) in which objects are in focus and a much larger, but blurrier peripheral area (parafovea), which does not cover the entire field of vision.
What began as an ostensibly simple representation thus becomes successively blurrier as the text progresses and as parenthetical expressions make readers question what they are reading, who is presenting it, and ultimately, what they should believe.
The boundaries between sex and ice cream grew blurrier this year thanks to another sensual effort from Haagen-Dazs, a tour de force in delayed gratification.