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Jarndyce had fallen into this company in the tenderness of his heart and his earnest desire to do all the good in his power; but that he felt it to be too often an unsatisfactory company, where benevolence took spasmodic forms, where charity was assumed as a regular uniform by loud professors and speculators in cheap notoriety, vehement in profession, restless and vain in action, servile in the last degree of meanness to the great, adulatory of one another, and intolerable to those who were anxious quietly to help the weak from failing rather than with a great deal of bluster and self-laudation to raise them up a little way when they were down, he plainly told us.
Instead, it went out with a wild, white bluster and blow.
Richardson demanded, with a very weak attempt at bluster.
Behind her came Taug, warily and with many pauses and much bluster, and still behind him came other bulls, snarling ferociously and uttering their uncanny challenges.
And then three or four other hats, including the glossy castor of Joe Willis, the self-elected and would-be champion of the neighbourhood, a well-to-do young butcher of twenty-eight or thereabouts, and a great strapping fellow, with his full allowance of bluster.
All his bluster had gone, and he seemed to have caught the contagion of preternatural calm.
Yes, yes, bully and bluster as much as you like," he said sulkily; "the difficulty about the money is not the only difficulty.
Or must I go back, and (as you put it in your dear straightforward English) bully and bluster a little more?
exclaimed a voice, that intended to bluster, while the speaker was manifestly a little apprehensive of the consequences; "Woman, I forbid you on pain of the law to project any of your infernal missiles.
Police, Merry Hill's own security, individual store security and Travel West Midlands pooled resources to mount Operation Bluster which ran for four days.
This year's reissue of Will contains an anodyne if humorous summary of Liddy's entry into show business--the debates on the lecture circuit with Timothy Leary, the appearances on Miami VIce, the radio career--and some macho bluster about parachuting with the Israeli Defense Forces.
Mr Major dismissed Mr McLaughlin's comments as "the usual mixture of bluster, threats and untruths".