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Jaime Paz - board member, Social Housing Finance Corp.
The wannabe CEO: This is the board member who thinks they know better than the CEO or the current senior management team and is constantly second-guessing them and sticking his or her nose in where it does not belong.
The census yielded a two-part report; the first, released in 2005, presented the numbers and identified all of the African American board members.
If I were a board member and thought that the CEO was pre-screening what people should say, I wouldn't like that very much.
I wasn't aware of any urgency until now,'' board member David Israel told Pisano.
Member of Minnesota Supreme Court Advisory Committee reviewing the Code of Judicial Conduct and Rules of the Board on Judicial Standards; KidsVoting Minnesota Board member, 1995-present.
A long interview may signify that board members are not fully satisfied with the information supplied in the board package.
From his seat at a comfortable from his former board, Sam Stringfield offers advice for the would-be board member.
The most common modus operandi is that in which one board member writes an initial draft of a review and then his/her co-reviewer(s) make additions, modifications, etc.
Incoming board member Jenni Brockman cites another success: "Developing new products and services that bring value to the average member, including affordable webinars on highly topical issues and the revamped CW and CW Bulletin.
Each board member should check whether his or her homeowner's insurance covers NPO board liability.