board of inquiry

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It was not that I now anticipated an early return to Pan-America and a board of inquiry, for I had rather looked forward to the fight that must follow my return.
The Board of Inquiry is beyond party body and its members need to have beyond party interests.
The move comes after a board of inquiry indicted Loshali on May 3 after he contradicted the Indian government's version of events that all four crew members of the boat had been killed after they blew it up themselves, following a high speed chase to avoid arrest, The Times of India reported on Saturday.
Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe's office said an independent board of inquiry found gross violations of financial regulations and procurement procedures in state-owned Sri Lankan Airlines's deal, and said they warranted criminal prosecutions against former executives.
A similar UN headquarters board of inquiry investigated the Gaza war of the winter of 2008-09.
A Board of Inquiry is being instituted to investigate into the causes of the accident.
Captain Parmar, an officer highly respected for his professionalism, was removed from his post as captain of the prestigious naval stealth frigate INS Talwar during the board of inquiry.
Chris Cook told Channel 4 News: "It's been 16 years since we were advised of the Board of Inquiry Report and the Air Marshalls' findings, and from the outset we saw quite a shocking finding.
A board of inquiry only said that the decision to cease zigzagging was "imprudent.
The parents were speaking at Westminster after receiving an advance copy of the report from Colonel Simon Doughty, chairman of the Board of Inquiry.
A second Board of Inquiry report into the death of Private James Collinson, who was found dead at the barracks in March 2002, will also be published on Thursday.
A Board of Inquiry has been convened to investigate the incident.

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