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And one of our boarders has suffered much from the vengeance and persecution of the cardinal
We were twelve boarders, and there were two Miss Donnys, twins.
screamed a numerous chorus of treble voices from the staircase inside, consisting of the spinster lady of the establishment, three teachers, five female servants, and thirty boarders, all half-dressed and in a forest of curl-papers.
I suppose that you can get rid of your boarders when you wish.
The bar-room was now full of the boarders who had been dropping in the night previous, and whom I had not as yet had a good look at.
There would be an average of half a dozen boarders to each room--sometimes there were thirteen or fourteen to one room, fifty or sixty to a flat.
The young lady with her imperial Majesty was a maid of honor--and I had been taking her for one of her boarders, all the time.
There were all sorts and conditions of men and women, for there were sons and daughters of storekeepers, lawyers, butchers, doctors, shoemakers, professors, ministers, and farmers at the Wareham schools, either as boarders or day scholars.
Hereupon the radicals of Lyvern, a small and disreputable party, began to assert that there was no harm in the man, and that the parsons and Miss Wilson, who lived in a fine house and did nothing but take in the daughters of rich swells as boarders, might employ their leisure better than in taking the bread out of a poor work man's mouth.
It was time, indeed, for our conference to terminate; for, when I glanced around, behold all the boarders (the day-scholars had departed) were congregated within a yard or two of my desk, and stood staring with eyes and mouths wide open; the three maitresses formed a whispering knot in one corner, and, close at my elbow, was the directress, sitting on a low chair, calmly clipping the tassels of her finished purse.
The position of these two young people was singular; they might have been taken for two boarders escaped from a convent.
I'll be rowin' summer boarders araound East Gloucester this fall.