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Hunsden--speaking low and deep, for we had now entered a busier street--desired me to hold my peace, threatening to do something dreadful if I stimulated his wrath further by boasting.
But I refrain from mentioning Full many a deed I might relate For boasting is a kind of thing That I particularly hate.
He has been too quick for me and has wounded me; and now he is boasting that I shall not see the light of the sun much longer.
On one of these too frequent occasions he was boasting of his prowess as a pedestrian and athlete, and the outcome was a match against nature.
The community offers a mix of condominiums, town homes and private residences, boutique shops, restaurants, a luxury hotel, spa and yacht club boasting the largest and most complete state-of-the art marina on the country's Pacific coast.
In the spirit of the season, the event will be a lunch reception boasting a "commencement exercises" theme with "cum laude" door prizes.
Boasting incredible architecture, a storied past, and an exceptional location, Longwood Towers is one of the most significant trophy residential properties to trade this year.
I don't know of any other building in Manhattan boasting this unique amenity.
Boasting full Xbox Live compatibility with a multi-player online mode and a variety of exciting missions, the new GunGriffon: Allied Strike offers an exhilarating and realistic war spin on Mech action games.
Class A space continues to command the most activity in Westchester, boasting 66.
According to Hoover's, Corinthian Colleges (Nasdaq:COCO) is a for-profit education company boasting about 150 colleges and training centers in the United States and Canada with an enrollment of more than 43,000 students.
A filter for stocks boasting an average daily volume of 500,000 or above left me with 50 names.