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After his arrest Bode said he had no intent to commit the offences, adding: "I love my mom and dad.
Threshold for clinically important change: A one unit change in the BODE index has been suggested as clinically significant (Cote et al 2005), based on thresholds for important change in individual component scores.
The findings showed that updated BODE and ADO indices accurately predicted 3-year mortality compared to the original BODE index, which performed poorly at predicting 3-year risk of mortality.
DeWaard & Bode currently has about 60 employees.
We see the acquisition of Bode as a strategically important step that excellently complements our focused growth strategy.
The second half is the revealing artistic and spiritual journey across continents, which Bode developed from his research abroad.
Led by the charismatic Bode Lawal, the cast of six dancers and three musicians have teamed up with Los Angeles-based world music composer David Karagianis to produce the original and challenging piece.
After a decade of closure and a rehabilitation that has cost some 160m [euro], the Bode Museum in Berlin stands resplendent with its collections reunited for the first time since 1939.
We are seeing the same phases of evolution that one sees in a supernova remnant, but instead of taking thousands of years, here it takes months, [unfolding] right before our eyes," says Bode.
Prof Bode will today present evidence gathered from watching the star to the Royal Astronomical Society's national astronomy meeting in Leicester.
This is probably one of the first pieces of equipment that's come around that I think will be around for a while," says Diane Bode, education technology specialist at Judson Independent School District in San Antonio where more than 300 tablets are in use.
What doesn't bode well is the potential for another terrorist attack, the possibility of which seems heightened by the upcoming election.