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By raising up the past, by allowing herself to be disturbed and aroused by grief and longing, Laurel literally calls Phil up before her, permitting what has been his bodiless absence to become a presence:(33) "He looked at her, Phil himself - here waiting, all the time, Lazarus" (p.
The loss of the original object also teaches the self about the immensity of space - the original object was a body as close as a gaze and a caress, experienced bodily as well as cognitively, but when it recedes, the newly bodiless self is introduced to an expanding universe.
The suicides, the downcast, the rejected -- why should they return if they can remain bodiless, carried aloft as specks of light?
First staged in the spring at Stockholm's Moderna Museet, this retrospective--the largest in Spain to date--gathers 101 works spanning seven decades and, as with that eight-legged symbol of motherhood, treads familiar Bourgeois ground: suspended aluminium knotted spirals, patched bodiless heads and, of course, an emotionally charged 'cell'--one of 33 pieces seen here for the first time.
Both are troubled by what Berry calls "feckless, dainty, bodiless, brainless spirituality" They agree that spirituality is only real to the extent that it is attuned to the material world.
Not made as finished pieces but rather as ways for him to observe one clay interacting with another, these open books are the perfect artefact of Writer's journey bodiless wings carrying the dust of their origins.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iraqi forces have found a large number of bodiless heads and decapitated corpses in a mass grave in Bab Sumer region near Mosul, an Iraqi official disclosed on Wednesday.
The emancipatory dimension of the Internet as a bodiless sphere also celebrates the machines instead of their users and betrays a romantic view of the nonhuman.
uk THIS amazing piece of kit from Sony is effectively a bodiless DSLR camera, it takes 20.
And we cannot fail to see that this cluster of fluids, nurturance, and creatural fertility must be coded black by William Faulkner, as is visible in this notation of Freedman Town where Christmas must find himself: "On all sides, even within him, the bodiless fecundmellow voices of negro women murmured.
In a lifetime dealing with the supernatural, he says he has seen things that cannot be explained, including ornaments flying through walls and bodiless voices calling to him from beyond the grave.