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In order to obtain Ophthalmic List status in Northern Ireland an application must be made to the Health and Social Care Board by an optometrist, an ophthalmic medical practitioner or a body corporate.
One company that is providing solutions to streamline processes and communications for Property Groups and Body Corporate Management companies is the commercial cleaning services company CIA, (Cleaning Institute of Australia).
The technology licence agreement is triggered if Essar is granted a UCG block/s by Coal India Limited (BOM:533278) (NSE:COALINDIA), its subsidiaries or any other body corporate or government authority.
For apartment-dwellers struggling to convince their body corporate to implement environmentally sustainable building practices, or just don't know where to start, there are solutions.
The Theatres Trust remains a body corporate and the objects of The Theatres Trust Act 1976 and The Theatres Trust (Scotland) Act 1978 will remain in force.
And, once again, it is worth considering the wording of the Act itself: "Where an offence under this Act has been committed by a body corporate and is proved to have been committed with the consent or connivance of or to be attributable to any neglect on the part of any director, manager, secretary or similar officer of the body corporate or any who was purporting to act in any such capacity, he as well as the body corporate shall be guilty of that offence and be liable to be proceeded against and punished accordingly.
The owner of the premises is Beaumont Inns Limited The applicant is a body corporate and the following person is the sole Director:-Gareth Graham c/o 12 Wellington Place, Belfast Attached to the Notice served on the Chief Clerk is a plan of the premises for which the provisional licence is sought showing the premises as they will be when their construction or alteration or extension has been completed.
A proxy need not be a member and can be an individual or a body corporate.
A licence shall not be granted to (a) a person under the age of 18; (b) a person who has been disqualified from holding such a licence; (c) a person, other than a body corporate, who is not resident in the United Kingdom, or was not so resident throughout the period of six months immediately preceding the date of the application; or (d) a body corporate which is not incorporated in the United Kingdom.
In case of body corporate or a partnership, each of its designated person engaged in the business of insurance sale shall have the said qualification and also shall be required to undergo a foundation course - based on a curriculum approved by the Commission.
South Sudan Anti-Corruption Commission (SSACC) is an autonomous and impartial body corporate established under Section 147 of the Interim Constitution of Southern Sudan, 2005 as read with Section 6 of the Southern Sudan Anti-Corruption Act, 2009.
This method of subdivision is favoured by international institutional investors and hotel operators as it enables components to be owned outside a body corporate structure, thereby increasing flexibility with respect to the operation and management of shared areas and facilities.