body of employees

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He was administering oath to newly elected body of Employees Association of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (EPARC) here at National Agricultural Research Council (NARC) on Sunday.
If there are plans for a significant body of employees to strike, and that their collective actions are likely to have a significant impact on the infrastructure supporting public events, then we would urge them to make our planning team aware.
However, garnering the support and active participation from a diverse body of employees turned out to be a nontrivial task.
The company added that it was disappointed by the attitude of the T&GWU, especially as a settlement has been reached with the larger body of employees represented by the RMT.
If there is a threat to the civil service system, it is, as Rosen states, that the American public will lose the recognition that this enormously talented body of employees are indeed the servants of the people.