body of members

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Its 60-strong body of members love to sing their hearts out - and raise money for local causes.
The Institute Council of Investors is a neutral body of members that represent participants in the global governmental investor community.
The objectives of the body include promoting and developing the adoption of scientific methods in cost and management accountancy and developing the professional body of members to equip them fully to discharge their functions and fulfil the objectives in the context of the developing economy.
The TC-MSND committee has a diverse body of members from academia, industry, and government.
Writing in the British Medical Journal's "personal views" column, Dr Jader said an elected body of members from all political parties should run the NHS.
Instead of whichever political party is in government controlling the reins of the NHS, she wants an elected body of members, including representatives from all political parties, health staff and the public, to take over the management.
By the sixteenth century some confraternities witnessed the diminution of the body of members, leaving only officials drawn from the political elite.