body politic

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BODY POLITIC, government, corporations. When applied to the government this phrase signifies the state.
     2. As to the persons who compose the body politic, they take collectively the name, of people, or nation; and individually they are citizens, when considered in relation to their political rights, and subjects as being submitted to the laws of the state.
     3. When it refers to corporations, the term body politic means that the members of such corporations shall be considered as an artificial person.

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Based on Ichabod's abnormal physique as a mirror-image of the body politic, the following pages trace this discursive conjunction between imperialism and physical disability, eventually postulating that a disabled body often acts as an expansionist body: its ontological deformities and absences perpetuating the promise of prosthetic amendment and augmentation.
In what follows I will sketch out the notions of body politic and political affect, and assess the Hurricane Katrina case study.
Corruption is a cancer that eats away the body politic, and unfortunately it diverts resources from where they were intended," she said.
Notwithstanding the historical significance attributed to the televised debates of the leaders of the three main British parties, talk of resurgent, reawakened interest in and for the body politic seems to have been met.
Hamas has proven itself to be a dynamic force in the body politic of the Palestinian people.
The CD queer Issue embraces, dominates and fucks with the political in queer, in the tradition of what the Body Politic claimed as its mandate and style: a "brash, inspiring, pig-headed - and vital" politics.
Tsae Lan Lee Dow's contribution on Christine's imagining of the body politic rounds off these explorations of politics, philosophy and gender; she presents Christine's politics as 'inclusive and communally oriented' through a symbolic union of the traditional 'masculine' model with a feminine version in which women are equally capable of participating (p.
The people of Israel cohere as a nation by remaining at one in its body politic under Moses and its commitment to religious forms under God.
Interpreting the struggle for freedom primarily through their faith tradition, Southern blacks engaged the body politic with language and actions that reflected their comprehensive, densely religious ideals.
We weren't then, and we aren't now shy about giving our opinions about the body politic and advocating for the things we believe are important for Northerners.
In a strongly worded article in the Body Politic 1971, John Forbes describes the social scene in Vancouver and Toronto as unsavoury and oppressive spaces where individuals circulated in a vain attempt to have some form of social life.