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Also, the heritability estimates by age revealed a trend that the heritability increased for body weight at an earlier age.
All phenotypic correlations between morphological traits and body weight in reciprocal hybrids were positive.
Body weight gain during the intensive phase of chemotherapy was less than 5% whereas that during the continuation phase was almost 13% as compared to body weight at diagnosis.
Cook also reported that there were no correlations seen between increased body weight and total energy expenditure or between increased body weight and total energy expenditure after the researchers adjusted for age and body size.
By gaining increased amounts of strength through body weight resistance exercises Rupnow (1985) stated students were able to perform motor skills with greater ease.
Body weight across coat-color phenotype was assessed by Bonferroni-corrected analysis of variance (ANOVA).
The human body has difficulty assimilating more than 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day, and it really doesn't require more than that, even in the cases of highly active athletes.
specifically emphasized young men in sports that focus on body weight and body image--wrestling, swimming, track, rowing, and gymnastics.
There were 62 males and 65 females with a mean age of 57 [+ or -] 15 years, and mean body weight of 81 [+ or -] 20 kg.
Traditionally, "overweight" has been defined as excess body weight in relation to observed norms in the population by age, sex and height (28).