boiler plate

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Nowhere does the boiler plate specify: "whichever occurs last in time", or language to that effect.
Sydney's major ironmongers Iredale, Levick & Younger, and Beilby of George Street, and Woolley of King Street all imported boiler plate and the temptation must have existed to pass off inferior iron as premium.
In this paper, dramatism is used to understand the dramas present in the rhetoric of corporate CEOs present in annual reports in the chairmen's boiler plate.
Since most of us are afraid of losing something the boiler plate language can provide, a second solution may be more agreeable.
The gauge measures this pressure in pounds per square inch, and all boilers and boiler plate are measured and rated in tensile strength of pounds-per-square-inch.
In short, under the repealing pen of the Supreme Court, the constitutional entitlement so heavily supported by the people has been booted from the constitution and supplanted by boiler plate waiver forms in lawyer-client contracts.
Specifics of the Contract Work Plan/Appendix D and other pertinent information regarding contract expectations can be found in the attached Contract Boiler Plate (BP) and Invitation for Bid (IFB).
The contractor has the right to rely upon the specifications as being reasonably accurate, even if there are boiler plate warnings and disclaimers in the bid documents.
The boiler plate is one eighth of an inch thick which means it could blow up.
They mold their services to your needs and don't shove a boiler plate of services at you that you don't need.