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Bolide represents the key traits for the Australian market of muscle, shape, powerful tops and positive docility.
Myburgh (sic) was located in Kraaifontein and reported the bolide moved from the south-east above him towards the north west.
These qualities have always been characteristic features of all Bolide Software products and this app proves this fact once again.
3) US missile-warning satellites annually record as many as 30 bolides (meteoroids that detonate in the atmosphere, otherwise known as fireballs), often releasing as much energy as a nuclear blast (see fig.
Meteorite--An object of extraterrestrial origin, which survives passage through Earth's atmosphere as a bolide or fireball without being completely, vaporized, so that one or more pieces reach the ground intact.
Come viene rilevato, in poesie come "Commiato," "La mia sera," "Il bolide," "Tra San Mauro e Savignano," e sopratutto nei versi di "Il ritorno a San Mauro," il Pascoli evidenzia fin dal titolo caratterizzante l'ambientzaione romagnola, due miti fondamentali ".
That pattern suggests that an object may have struck from the northwest--a path that would have taken the blazing bolide over southeastern Australia, where aboriginal legends mention just such a fireball.
Bolide (1990) and Carrowkeel (1997) added their names to his roll of honour, was shared by trainer Jeremy Noseda, who handles the Stravinsky colt for American Sanford Robertson.
These Indians] had trails and easily traversed roadways that departed from certain points more that 50 leagues away, converging on the location of the bolide.
With the convergence of the entertainment, computer and Internet industries, CES attendees will have an opportunity to see what emerging companies have to offer from exhibitors such as ATL Multimedia, Bolide, I-Jam, Perception Digital, Request Multimedia, SRS Wowcast and Texas Instruments.
11:00 THE MONAHANS BOLIDE OF MARCH 22, 1998, Richard W.
590 - For the executive (or wanna-be's) desk, the sterling-silver Bolide Office Collection at Christofle, Beverly Hills.