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The total bolus dose (25 mcg/kg), maintenance infusion (0.
2, 8, and 24 hr) in 15-min time intervals around the calibrated time of exposure, rather than assuming exposure to a single bolus dose [see Supplemental Material, pp.
All patients received the systemic bolus dose of tirofiban 10 mcg/kg either via intracoronary (IC) or intravenous (IV) route, followed by a 36 hours of IV infusion at 0.
The insulin doses are separated into basal rates, bolus doses to cover carbohydrate in meals, correction or supplemental doses.
The evidence is presented concerning the relative reversible adrenal suppression after bolus dose administration of etomidate.
Whenever possible, administer the heparin as an intravenous infusion and not as a bolus dose.
The optimal level for bolus dose was defined as 80 U/kg, and the optimal level for infusion dose was defined as 18 U/kg.
TNKase, administered as a patient-specific, single bolus dose, has been designed with a prolonged half-life and increased specificity to fibrin, a key component of intracoronary clots, making it compatible for study with adjunctive treatments.
The Effect of a Bolus Dose of Etomidate on Cortisol Levels, Mortality, and Health Services Utilization: A Systematic Review
For patients not in cardiac arrest, an IV adrenaline bolus dose of no more than 0.
Minimum effective bolus dose of oxytocin during elective cae sarean delivery.