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Mark Simmons, the council's museums manager, said: "This is the best interpretation of the bombardment and Hartlepool's role in the wider war which the museum has ever had.
The subject of the public contract will be furnished for the preparation of films for TEM and SEM samples for EBSD and using ion bombardment, which will be used in the laboratory RTI especially for materials research.
Although the Moon is located far from Vesta, which is in the main asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, they seem to share some of the same bombardment history," Pendleton added.
Kunar -- Mullah Shahpoor commander of Pakistani Taliban and 2 members of AlQaeda were killed in air bombardment of NATO forces, claimed afghan media reports.
Divided into three parts, the book explores the many varied reasons for information bombardment, analyzes its implications, and offers some guidance for combating it.
Sitting in the Hartford International Airport with my grandfather, former WWII POW TSgt Hugo Cappelli, 423rd Bomb Squadron, 306 Bombardment Group, 40th Combat Bombardment Wing, 1st Bombardment Division, Thurleigh Airfield, Eight Air Force; Engineer and Top Turret Gunner whose B-17G, "Belle of the Blue," was shot down by German fighters Tuesday, 12 September 1944, at 1128 hours.
Summary: Amateur video seems to show the bombardment of Aleppo by forces loyal to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.
It's no secret that the early Earth took a beating from above, but now it seems the planet sustained a longer bombardment than initially thought.
Security Council April 24 called for an immediate end to fighting between Sudan and South Sudan, condemned the Sudanese military's bombardment of southern towns and urged the governments of both countries to return to the bargaining table.
Traumatised residents managed to leave their homes in Homs yesterday after Syrian forces eased a week-long bombardment that has killed hundreds and caused a humanitarian crisis.
Syria: Syrian forces launched a fresh bombardment of powderkeg city Homs at dawn on Monday, causing an unknown number of casualties, activists and correspondents said.
Since Iran resumed bombardment three weeks ago, hundreds of families on the border areas have been displaced and are now settled in makeshift camps deep in the Kurdistan Region.