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VTR's marketing campaign in Chile, as notorious as Malone's bombast, identifies the company's new technologies with freedom and privacy, relatively new concepts to staid, sheltered Chilean society.
How did we leave a whole people vulnerable, at the mercy of rhetorical bombast on the one hand and relentless military assaults on the other, with no political strategy and no reprieve or protection?
Unlike most of the other statues whose objects struck bombastic poses for dramatic effect--many of them appeared as though they'd been surprised by snakes in their beds--the Pieta's drama came not from bombast but from the most human situation it depicts.
Its importance lies in the oft-quoted referral to Shakespeare as "an upstart Crow, beautified with our feathers, that with his Tygers hart wrapt in a Players hyde, supposes he is as well able to bombast out a blanke verse as the best of you: and being an absolute Johannes fac totum, is in his owne conceit the onely Shake-scene in a countrey" (84-85).
Benson notes, "This format is often thought of as an underdog because it avoids the bombast and tiresome repetition of most of today's rock radio.
Good Kill is a clinical thriller that spares the bombast and treats each deployment of drones with cold detachment.
The wannabe Tory leader's bombast masks a lack of strategy - bringing to mind that old adage about empty vessels making most noise.
Less full of bile, more the youthful bombast and frenetic, feverish energy usually reserved for sugar-addled youths, running hell-for-leather around a playground.
And when you put it all together in one sitting, what a lot of bombast that turns out to be.
MURRAY DAVID MURRAY'S ownership of Rangers ended last night without any of the bombast that often coloured his 22-year reign.
Right off the bat, it has to be said that it's absolutely hysterical when the sallow, loose-stringed guitar at the beginning of Astronomer's song "Lineblower" gives way to more traditional metal bombast.
But though written over two decades ago, and focusing on the buyers and sellers of Wall Street, it is also relevant in these times of banking bombast and bailout.