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Bombastic Shiraz, the 2003 Melbourne Cup hero, has had few runners here, but is sire also of triple Category One winner Mill Bling Bling.
It's all bombastic fun so long as you disengage your brain.
Bombastic anthems like Let The Sin Begin and Feel Like I Do recall Metallica, while less frantic tracks like Turns So Cold and Alcohol Blind are more pensive.
Howard Billings of Bombastic Media, +1-714-876-4662
Large beats stretch across whispers of jazz and funk, the disc gives way to stripped-down postmodern beats (``Macaroni and Cheese'') and straight-out bombastic dancehall grooves (``Rap Star'').
The bombastic style of the Bush administration's non-negotiation with North Korea's great bouffanted leader surely contributed to Kim Jong Il's reckless determination to become a nuclear power.
Fans saw ELP as a break-taking fusion of rock, jazz and classical elements, while critics viewed them as bombastic and confrontational.
On the flip side Jason and deMarco can veer toward overwrought and bombastic, such as on "I Found the Number.
Straying away from the harsh bombastic black metal norm and more into ways of old Emperor, mainly with the atmospheres along with the sinister minimalism and depressive blackness a la Xasthur.
He inspires mixed feelings in historians because of his bombastic style--he often invented words to sound more impressive--and his belief in the occult.
New embassies are often an opportunity for bombastic displays of national identity, but this new building treads discreetly, mining and refining the richness of local nuance to produce an architecture that resonates with context.