bombastic speech

See: rhetoric
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North Korea's foreign minister Ri Yong Ho, who named Donald Trump "President Evil" in a bombastic speech to the U.
And now in a bizarre and trademark bombastic speech, outspoken Trump has announced he will run for President in 2016.
1772-1849) was the progenitor of both schools of presentation, a newsman who could report sports quickly and plainly, but who most often used the bombastic speech of the ring itself, and who was not above making a few things up.
He returned on 9 October, 10 days after his bombastic speech, to be hailed by British newspapers as some kind of Robin Hood who (in the words of The Independent and The Guardian) had "dodged a massive police operation to arrest him, [and] drove home to hug his wife".
Sethe's simple, monosyllabic words - no, no, no - ring deeper than Schoolteacher's bombastic speech.
Are you waiting for me to fill my chest with air and deliver a bombastic speech on the masses, the sun, the future, and pour opium on the heads of my audiences as I used to do?
All Italians were summoned to the wireless to listen to his bombastic speech.