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BONA, goods and chattels. In the Roman law, it signifies every kind of property, real, personal, and mixed, but chiefly it was applied to real estates; chattels being chiefly distinguished by the words, effects, movables, &c. Bona were, however, divided into bona mobilia, and bona immobilia. It is taken in the civil law in nearly the sense of biens (q. v.) in the French law.

VACANTIA, BONA, civil law. Goods without an owner. Such goods escheat.

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1986), the only question left was whether Sanders was a bona fide resident of the U.
Any topographical chart of the continental shelf provides a good reminder of the long path [we have] yet to travel toward a complete understanding and model of the full problem," Bona and Restrepo conclude.
The competition closes on Friday, 27 January 2012 at 18:00 and the draw will take place on 28 January 2012 at Spes Bona Fiat and Alfa Romeo.
To take an example from Bona between 1956 and 1974, a period in which apartheid censorship was predominant: only one article during these years addressed a sensitive socio-political issue, and the article was translated in a superficial manner with important information being distorted.
11) The GAO then rejected the NLRB's assertion that the bona fide needs rule does not apply to subscriptions.
Now, the base housing cost is 16% (computed daily) of the maximum foreign earned income exclusion (the $80,000 inflation-adjusted amount previously discussed), multiplied by the number of days the taxpayer meets the bona fide residence or presence test.
The Bona Building was bought for $450,000 in March 2001 from the Mary K.
The value of the gross estate shall include the value of all property to the extent of any interest therein of which the decedent has at any time made a transfer (except in the case of a bona fide sale for an adequate and full consideration in money or money's worth), by trust or otherwise, under which he has retained for his life or for any period not ascertainable without reference to his death or for any period which does not in fact end before his death--
Another proposed New Brunswick amendment will replace the bona fide occupational requirement exceptions in the Human Rights Act with a single exception that lists all grounds of discrimination and applies to all of its activities.
President Luke Dalla Bona says Pictographics has signed six contracts with small companies and is actively pursuing two others.
The appeals court reversed and remanded, finding that female gender was a bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ).
Group Communication in Context: Studies of Bona Fide Groups.