bone of contention

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Mobile phones are a big bone of contention, with 23 per cent happy to answer a call while eating.
The biggest bone of contention among prisoners was a recorded message which identified their location whenever they made a phone call.
But preparing for that event will involve fortnightly trips to Manchester and that is a bone of contention with all Scottish riders.
But it was not the most obvious bone of contention - Paul Robinson's clearance of a second Mellberg effort which Villa players claimed had crossed the line - which provoked O'Leary's ire.
But the 75-foot bridge has also long been a bone of contention between ``mountain'' club homeowners around the lake and the hundreds of ``lakeside'' homeowners in the mountains south of it.
A major bone of contention is a corporate structure that leaves certain assets worth at least pounds 70 million in the hands of Phoenix Venture Holdings.
The biggest bone of contention has been nationalisation: In and out like a Swiss clock cuckoo.
It is a long-standing bone of contention among all our members across Wales and certainly among those in the north where only 40% had recently received their suckler cow payments,'' said Mr Va u g h a
The houses meet planning guidelines and the only bone of contention is CADW's "strong objections about the impact for the World Heritage Site town walls", argues the officer.
Instant Messaging, first highlighted in the popular movie "You've Got Mail" and now in the news as a bone of contention between AOL and Microsoft, has great potential in corporate applications, says Ferris Research, a market research firm that specializes in advising IT management on messaging and collaborative applications.
The bone of contention was Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi's elevation as the BJP's 2014 campaign chief.
The bone of contention was the slogans, which both sides started raising against each other's leaders.