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31) Prosperos prioritizing books over rule--his bookishness leads to his exile, of course--places books at the center of the play's plot.
Bookishness, and thoughtfulness, were encouraged in the Wallace household, to say the least.
It is Chaucer's bookishness that is interesting, not the place where his reading occurs.
There is a palpable excitement in the air, and just below the staff members' bookishness bubbles a genuine enthusiasm for all of these rows and racks and stacks of military antiquities.
Even I realized the idiotic bookishness of her words and answered her sarcastically: "Don't you think that Borges said the same thing about Buenos Aires?
In his analysis of short stories such as "Emma Zunz," "La secta del Fenix," and "El congreso," Wilson shows the limits of Borges's intellectual detachment from the material world by playing his bookishness against the reality of sex and love.
smacks of the smart bookishness of Partisan Review.
I see now that I had a foot in many camps, moved among them with ease, my bookishness hidden as I joined the card players or squinted under the lights of the snooker tables.
Septimius's rebellion against orthodoxy spurs his dissatisfaction with a mere dead-end bookishness.
Vere is also a "dry and bookish gentleman," (3) and this bookishness is symbolic of Vere's tendency to always go "by the book.
The book lover is not (yet) a tomason, he seems to be implying, and reading is not to be equated with abstracted bookishness.
When Columbus describes las Indias as paradisiacal, it is almost impossible to discern what belongs to empirical experience and what comes from his voracious bookishness, for, as Armesto points out, "At almost every discernible stage of his career .